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Celtic Lore & Druidic Ritual, By Rhiannon Ryall

Celtic Lore & Druidic Ritual, By Rhiannon Ryall
by Rhiannon Ryall
"A truly excellent book with page after page of informative and at times thought provoking information - I can almost taste the potential for the raising of power...a truly superb book" Time Between Times
Inevitably the Druidic Path crosses that of any genuine Gaelic Tradition of Wicca, so this book contains much druidic lore. Background material on the Druids is also included, explaining much of their way of viewing the world & enabling the reader to understand more fully their attributions in general & their rituals in particular. The book is divided into five parts: 1: Casting circles, seasonal sigils, wands, woods for times of the year, Celtic runes, the Great Tides, making cones & vortices of power, polarities & how to change them, the seasonal Ogham keys & Ogham correspondences. 2: Old calendar festivals & associated evocations, the ?Call of Nine?, two versions of the ?Six Pointed Star Dance?, Mistletoe Lore, New Moon working, the Fivefold Calendar. 3: Underlying fundamentals of magical work, magical squares, the Diamond Working Area. 4: Five initiations, including a shamanic one, some minor ?calls?, some ?little magics?. 5: Background information on the Celtic path, the Arthurian myth & its underlying meaning & significance, the Three Worlds of the Celts, thoughts regarding the Hidden Path & final advice. ISBN 1898307 245
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