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Celtic Faery Shamanism 2 - Wisdom of the Otherworld, By Catrin James

Celtic Faery Shamanism 2 - Wisdom of the Otherworld, By Catrin James
'the personal thoughts of someone who has been raised within an hereditary magical family, whose every move in life seems to have stemmed from this hereditary core..well worth reading' Touchstone (OBOD)
Much is currently written about the 'higher self', but we read less about the deep, instinctual, lower or dark self, the part which encompasses the subconscious, the collective consciousness and more. We must learn not to deny or repress this lower self, but to work with it. When all the aspects of our being, High, Lower, Light and Dark are brought into balance, then we awaken and can move beyond the boundaries of space and time. Darkness here means our Earth consciousness, our roots and links with our ancestors. Because negative emotions such as guilt have often been programmed into the 'dark one' at an early age, much work, in the form of meditations and visualisations, needs to be conducted to re-establish links with this important aspect of self. This book is full of exercises, symbols, images and visualisations which will help you to strengthen the links with your own 'dark one'. ISBN 186163 059X
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