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Celebrating Nature, by Gordon MacLellan

Celebrating Nature, by Gordon MacLellan
A practical handbook of celebration. For a small youth group, a class of school children, a family or a community gathering of several hundred people, this book offers guidelines and a range of ideas for designing and leading celebrations that will grow from people?s own imaginations and their perceptions of the places where they live and play and from the issues that are important to them. Activities are generally short and might stand alone as small celebrations in themselves or can be combined to create longer and more spectacular events. A number of ways of exploring the natural world and the sorts of celebrations that might arise from these adventures are presented. Different structures for celebrations are described and how to make the most of the enthusiasm and creativity of the participants. The many topics covered include: The importance of celebration; Historical celebrations and their survival into current times; Celebrations as ways of sharing experiences; Principles and activities to use in finding ideas; Inspiring a group; Personal celebrations; Working with natural materials; Working with stories; Developing storytelling skills; Animated Trails: an application of story work: creating performance pieces: activities include puppets, twig people, foam toadstools, and more. Plotting and planning a trail with a group; Activities for making and working with flags, banners, standards. Planning and leading a procession, Working with music; Performance and presentation skills: movement activities for puppets, masks and costumes, working with the spoken word, telling stories, creating characters; Working with groups of people of various sizes and minimal equipment: mumming plays, instant meditations, leading dances; Behind the scenes planning; Putting it all together: structures of celebrations: atmosphere and activity, mapping out a whole celebration, managing your participants, keeping people involved, practical tips. An immensely practical, inspiring book for everyone - another masterly work from Gordon the Toad! ISBN 186163 1685
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