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Beyond the Rainbow Cloud, by Jeannie H. Judd

Beyond the Rainbow Cloud, by Jeannie H. Judd
In this account of life-altering experiences, of joyful reunion and a mutually shared journey of discovery, much-missed TV gardening presenter Geoff Hamilton, an apparent non-believer in most matters esoteric while incarnate, returns to share with readers glimpses of his etheric life now, and personally created 'bit of heaven' gardens. Through Jeannie, Geoff also channels his thoughts on many confusing aspects of physical life, gleaned from knowledge he has gained since passing. In the hope his truth will help liberate those struggling with various problems, Geoff has chosen to come back and help guide us all in ways of living our physical lives joyfully to the full, free from controlling misconceptions and fear, demonstrating the natural continuance from life to the life beyond death. ISBN 186163 146 4
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