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Between Earth and Sky, by Julia Day

Between Earth and Sky, by Julia Day
"If you want to know how to apply Paganism in daily life, then this is the book for you. Her Paganism is one of spontaneous joyful pragmatism..excellent and expressive"
Wiccan Rede "I thoroughly enjoyed it. I liked the poems, the musings and especially the workings. It was like talking to a friend over the phone. It is an easy read and holds gems of advice...a cracking book - like slippers, nice and comfy." Touchstone "..a rich source of inspiration..this one is a gem" Michael Hoadley "an anthology of little treasures from which everyone will find plenty of interest" The Sigil
Julia is a member of a Celtic Tradition. ?I believe that whatever our beliefs or Tradition, we each make and follow our own path. I hope this book may help you to follow yours.? ?Between Earth and Sky? is a collection of articles, environmental reports, thoughts, visualisations, poems and stories, together with inspired writings which may help the reader to explore their own thoughts and feelings in many areas of magical, Pagan life.?We are seeking to reconcile the physical world and spirit, the Earth and the Sky, just as we have always done. Earth below and Sky above. It is in that tension between the two that we learn and develop. As with the active and passive principle, the instrument of fertilisation and that which is made fertile, Male and Female, it is within that tension, that both the religion and our own development remains alive." Patchwork of Magic. ISBN 186163 0506
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