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Befriending The Land, by Martine Ashe

Befriending The Land, by Martine Ashe
by Martine Ashe
This is a magical book, but it is not about magic. It is a book about communing with nature, but it does not involve country walks. It is about protecting Mother Earth, but it is not about the environment. Instead, this book delves into the magical past of the British Isles as a means of finding out how our ancestors approached the Land: not as a piece of dirt, but as a being who they felt was alive and immanent among them, how that relationship developed, evolved, and ultimately how it died. More than this, the book shows how, by approaching our own corner of this Land with the same sincerity and honesty as the ancient people of Britain, we can re-forge those bonds of friendship, for the benefit of the whole planet. It gives practical guidelines about creating your own sacred power site, irrespective of who you are or where you live, and it shows us how to truly communicate with the spirits of nature still living alongside us in the world at large. If you are concerned about the way we treat the planet, about Mother Earth's future and that of our children, then this book can show you that things are not hopeless, and neither are you helpless. You can make a difference, just by opening your eyes. ISBN 186163 1626
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