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Atlantis The Dark Continent, by Paul Williamson

Atlantis The Dark Continent, by Paul Williamson
The legendary civilisation of Atlantis is a topic that can evoke feelings of awe and mystery. Past life therapist, Paul Williamson, has investigated experiences of people's lives on Atlantis using regression, and now firmly believes that Atlantis did exist. Through careful research, and by using the shared soul memory of four people, Paul and Linda have compiled a fascinating account of the history of the Atlantis from the times of the first settlements through to its destruction. Included are detailed living transcripts of regression sessions and channelled teachings. These experiences detail aspects of the healing and psychic power, and various forms of corruption in which people from Atlantis became involved. There are sharings of the psychological learning and scars that were left upon souls who became obsessed with power. From the tragedies and mistakes of these times, for the many millions who lived then, there may be lessons that can be learned. For those who have hidden within them, soul memories of having lived on Atlantis, this book may stimulate a recollection of those long lost times.
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