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Astrology - The Inner Eye, By Elaine Smith DMS Astrol.

Astrology - The Inner Eye, By Elaine Smith DMS Astrol.
A Step By Step Guide to Understanding Astrology in Everyday Language
"Highly recommended...refreshing and easily accessible" Touchstone (OBOD)
This book is the result of many years? experience of teaching and listening to students. It is an astrology book written in easy to understand terms for the layman as well as the serious student. The author assumes no prior knowledge of the topic, so everything is explained simply and in depth, from a basic introduction to astronomy to the workings of astrology including a clear explanation of the calculations involved and the interpretation of charts. This book makes astrology accessible to everyone. Elaine Smith is a professional astrologer, with over 20 years? experience. Apart from teaching a large number of students, Elaine has written for the media, writing the astrology telephone line of the TV Times magazine and various articles for astrological productions. ISBN 186163 003 4
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