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A Year in the Life of a Faery Witch, by Sage Weston

A Year in the Life of a Faery Witch, by Sage Weston
Living alone with her cat in a cottage in the West Country, Sage shares with us a year in the life of a faery witch. She tends her peat fire and greets the sun in the morning in her garden. She also describes her magical encounters with the faery kingdom and the peaceful moments out rowing in her boat on the local waterway. Her encounters with humans in an attempt to find others to share her beliefs with, often far less so; including a terrifying ordeal alone on a ridgeway and her narrow escape. A book for all those who wish to read more about the old ways of living, the closeness of the faery realms and how one may follow a magical path alone. Beautifully illustrated by Lin Bourne.
ISBN 186163 1391
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£9.95 ex VAT

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