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A Witch's Mirror - The Art of Making Magic, by Levannah Morgan

A Witch's Mirror - The Art of Making Magic, by Levannah Morgan
This is a book about practical witchcraft and magic-making, not a book of formal rituals of witchcraft. Levannah has been working as a witch for over thirty years and for most of that time has lived in Devon, in the south west of England with a wealth of magical traditions which are still observed in some of the more rural areas, it has shaped her witchcraft over the years and made it what it is. Magic is something that should be lived. Much of the magic in this book is about apparently simple things, it is the author’s belief that these things, experienced with all the senses, and done with intent, can be deep forms of magic and have the most profound effect, and be just as powerful as complex rituals, if not more so. Levannah was fortunate to have two wonderful magical teachers: Hereward Wake, had a lifetime’s experience of both witchcraft and ritual magic which he shared generously teaching how to worship the gods in ritual and how to voyage into the spirit world; how to look and to listen and to work with the hidden senses; when to act and when to be still and do nothing. The other, Cecil Williamson, who founded the Museum of Witchcraft, spent his life learning the ways of the traditional witch. He taught about the old witchcraft that was used in Devon: spells, charms and a myriad of ways of interacting with the spirit world. The aim is for this book to be used rather like a recipe book to create your own magic and that it will help you to develop your own ways of working. It contains simple but profound magical techniques and plenty of practical projects for you to take and let the spirits guide you to make your own magic. You do not need any specialist art or craft skills, just enthusiasm, dedication, and a desire to work magic. A visiting witch once commented jokingly that a meeting of Levannah’s coven resembled an alternative Women’s Institute meeting, and she has always rather cherished that description. This book aims to pass on this experiential approach to witchcraft. All the craft and making activities described in this book are reasonably safe and they have been tried and tested, they are intended for adults. Please do try this at home!

Review from Pagan Dawn:
The back cover blurb says “Please do try this at home”, and it is a sound recommendation: it is a book with a sound basis of common sense and experience, which encourages readers to adapt the principles described within their own practice and taste. The writing is clear and matter-of-fact, and would benefit experienced magicians as well as beginners, whatever their individual spiritual path.
Levannah is well known as a well- respected, retired Vice President of the Pagan Federation. Her experience and ethical practice shine through every page, without getting in the way. Although the examples are mainly from her beloved West Country, the advice is not geocentric other than saying to seek for the same equivalent values and practices within your own specific area. Although in some ways this is a very personal book, I would recommend it as a valuable resource for anyone wishing to develop their own magical thinking without being ordered to do things in a rigid way. I like this book a lot, and intend to go back to it at times when I feel ‘blocked’ in designing a spell or method.
Pete Jennings
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