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A Witch's Kitchen, by Val Thomas

A Witch's Kitchen, by Val Thomas
A Witch?s Kitchen is about real, practical witchcraft. Covering such topics as food, drinks, herb lore, lotions and potions, shapeshifting, incenses, spinning, weaving, using natural dyes, making candles and working with fire, understanding plant spirits and consulting plant oracles, it forms a lively blend of everyday and magical information, which is up-to-date, yet well grounded in myth and tradition. It includes personal, often humourous, accounts of real incidents, which give a good feel for what life as a modern witch is actually like. The book has a strong awareness of the environmental and moral issues facing modern witches and an optimistic outlook, which will encourage and inspire the experienced witch as well as those who are new to the Craft. ISBN 186163 1596
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