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A Witch's Guide to Tea Leaf Reading, by Pat Barki

A Witch's Guide to Tea Leaf Reading, by Pat Barki
In the modern western world, many of the older, traditional methods of divination are being revived as people are realising the need for such guidance to cope with the ever increasing stresses of everyday life. Through the teachings of the Old Religion's method of tea leaf reading, you will learn how a Wise Woman’s method of tea leaf reading is different from the other methods of divination. Wise folk use a magical method to keep order and control over the energies that are present during a reading. Here is an explanation of the method handed down to the author, and brought down the years from generation to generation of wise women in her family. This method was tried and tested over many years, so you may now benefit from that experience and you may even feel like you are becoming part of the ancient tradition. If it suits you to use it, please do so, but do not follow the methods laid out blindly or without thought. Let your own spirit lead you as you become more confident and allow your own experience to build your skill. ISBN 186163 2088
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