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A Walk in the Woods, by Julia Day

A Walk in the Woods, by Julia Day
The two and a half year diary of a Pagan publisher, housewife and mother. If you really want to get to know a place and have it come to know and love you, then visit it at all times of day and season, and in all weathers. Julia observes the changing seasons in an area of woodland and a seasonal lake. As the wheel of the year turns, animals live and die, plants blossom, flourish and become dormant and the human idea of timescale is set against the great wheel of the seasons. What can the trees tell us? What can the seasons teach us? How does human time compare to the cycles of the Earth and the even greater timelessness of the rest of the universe? And through it all, threads the everyday experience of one, very temporal, human being. ISBN 186163 143X
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