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A Soul is Born, by Eleyna Williamson

A Soul is Born, by Eleyna Williamson
Much is known about the physical development of babies from the time of conception through to Birth and beyond. The question remains though, about what is taking place Spiritually to bring a soul into physical incarnation. Eleyna Williamson is the mother of six children, and the process of Birth has always been very central to her life. In 1997, she had a life changing experience that awakened her perception of Spirit. As a consequence of this, with the birth of her youngest two children, Eleyna has been aware and vitally concerned about the Spiritual dimension of what was taking place to prepare these souls for Birth. In this book Eleyna explains about the existence of Spiritual Midwives, and the Spiritual guide of the soul to be born, and how these beings assist with Birth. Transcriptions of channelled teachings from two of these beings have been included. She also writes about conception and the role that the soul has in bringing this about. Many other topics are covered such as thoughts with regards to Karma and the inner relationship of a baby’s soul with its parents. To illustrate her ideas, Eleyna writes personally from her own experience, sharing the joys and tragedies surrounding the birth of her own children. This book is intended to help people concerned with Birth to gain a deeper understanding of the inner processes that are involved. Readers will undoubtedly find some of the ideas presented by her to be quite illuminating. ISBN 186163 2266
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