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A Druid Abroad - A Quest For The Lady in Druidry, by Sandra Parsons

A Druid Abroad - A Quest For The Lady in Druidry, by Sandra Parsons
The male in Druidry can be seen to equate to direct energies such as courage, focus, the hero, light, strength and power, and the use of directional tools. The female in Druidry is a pulse or rhythm, an apparently divided energy in itself, a series of apparent contradictions and paradoxes; a very different type of knowledge, light and power. She is intuition and patience, love and fury, and she is both the ebb and flow of energies, of life and death, renewal and decay. This book came about as a result of a visit to Ireland and a personal need to learn more about the Lady in Druidry, 'abroad' is meant in the wider sense of 'out and about' rather than being in another country. To analyse the Goddess is to restrict her, her ways are too complex for linear thought. We need to experience her rather than expect to understand her and substitute our restricted vision for a wider, holistic view of this incredible world into which we have been born. This is a book of discovery, intuition and enlightenment - shared rather than taught.
ISBN 186163 2053
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